About Why People
Why-People is a Social Networking Platform. With our new feature, user can wonder posts, photos,


Before transforming in July 2019, WHY was a simple yet powerful online based radio, called WHY-RADIO, since 1 January 2019. Due to some request on the extension of listening media of the radio, trend demand, and fulfilling marketing needs, WHY-RADIO is extending the platform by giving all access of media platform of music entertainment in form of radio, match-making slash friendship based features, easy do-able games, and giveaways in freebies and prizes.

WHY-PEOPLE apps and web is launched on July 2019.

Serving the character of WORLDWIDE HARDWORKING YOUTH, WHY-RADIO in WHY-PEOPLE apps and web, is content-full of young adult information and music with broadcasters from all around the world.