What are the better Madden 21 TOTW 15 players worth buying

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EA added TOTW 14 and 15 to Madden 21 almost simultaneously last week. TOTW 14 brings many fresh and powerful players to players, and TOTW 15 is even better. In TOTW 15, Ben Coates, who played for the New England Patriots, is a top star who is very good at offense. He performed very well in all aspects, enough to act as a pioneer in the player’s lineup. Players can now buy MUT 21 Coins to get them.

The limited player in TOTW 15 is David Montgomery, who plays for the Chicago Bears. While it was hardly the most devastating loss considering the state of their NFL playoff odds from all the major sportsbooks, fans will naturally have left disappointed that the Bears couldn’t find the momentum to overcome those betting expert Madden 21 Coins. Despite that playoffs loss, Bears theme team builders in MUT will welcome Montgomery as an upgraded halfback for their squad to seek redemption for their fallen squad.

All players who entertained in TOTW 15 can spend the corresponding amount of Madden Coins to get these players. For example, LTD players DeSean Jackson and POTW David Montgomery, offensive superstar Ben Coates, defensive superstar Eric Allen, Matt Ryan with an overall rating of 93, and DeForest Buckner Power Up with an overall rating of 95. Players can also log on to the Madden NFL official website to view more detailed information about the players that appeared in TOTW 15.

Along with all of the new Madden 21 Team of the Week players, there are also additional sets of challenges. TOTW 14 features a Cardinals vs. Giants matchup, while TOTW 15 is the Bears vs. Vikings. Each of these challenges is worth up to 200 Coins, a TOTY Token, and a Hot Streak Pack. Gamers need 14 of 17 TOTY Tokens to exchange for a player card soon. The Hot Streak Pack typically gives gamers a choice of a few players with stats they need to achieve in upcoming games. If a player achieves that, then gamers earn a reward such as a Madden Coins payout for Ultimate Team mode. Players who want to get these top stars can Buy some Cheap MUT 21 Coins at GameMS to solve their troubles.