The simple fact is that rs3 ironmen can cross quicker than osrs

The simple fact is that rs3 ironmen can cross quicker than osrs


You don't need to buy anything. The simple fact is that rs3 ironmen can cross quicker than osrs ironmen because the xp rates are more manageable and you do not need to crouch before your notebook all day mindlessly clicking only to RS gold get meaningless progress. How did you figure out how to bring up ironman in a MTX dialog lol. Everything you ever said was rs3 has quicker rates? Everyone knows any sort of achievement other than a pvm achievement is meaningless progress in rs3. The irony. Besides pvming/ironman the game is nearly dead.

I know everything you're saying, but I have a different mindset. RuneScape used to get in the way of my entire life and that I treated it like a job. Goals are secondary, pleasure is primary. If I need a complete month to get a 99 since I don't play enough hours daily, that is just the way it is going to be and that's fine.

I would not say, you have to receive 99 until you can get fun. Just that some higher level skills are required to do another quest/fight another boss/allow one to earn enough money to enjoy another piece of material.

I mean rs3 is not bad if you just ignore the mtx

I mean sure but I think that the point here is that the updates to RS3 are far more focused on mtx than real content. That is just a massive disappointment. It is a dissapointment, but from what im reading people are still more focused on the EZscape debate, when the game is still much grindier in comparison to other MMOs.

But the mtx is pretty much the match now, particularly when upgrades are being designed for much more mtx milking (compelling skills to 120, 4 dxp's a year etc - none of which qualifies as actual gameplay content). It's like saying'yeah rs3 isn't bad if you just dismiss the game'. This matches heading to suffocate from mtx. When I read this it is exactly the same concept with the god figurines...I wouldnt be surprised if it's.

That is because the teams are all focusing on Yak Track instead of reworks and content. Everyone knows developers don't want to touch poh code with a stick it is so bad. Is the difference that the RS3 upgrade is actually from the buy rsgp paypal game at which the old school one will likely not pass a poll like 75% of proposed updates?