Ive always believed you should have more connections with your teammates

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You ought to NBA 2K21 MT be able to give your teammates highfives and things. I should be able to get my own player emote towards 18, if my teammate dunks on LeBron. You also need to be able to shout out to your teammates, for example:"shoot that next time" or"I was receptive""remain home in your guy""article that guy up" etc etc etc.. If you consistently shout for some guy to play outside his game, for example: telling a non shot to shoot or a bad defender to stop letting guys go by them; your teammate chemistry together with that player should go down and vice versa if you are consistently supporting them.

This can be a great idea, perhaps you can use a headset it would be hard to implement but would be awesome. The headset idea is amazing, I never thought of that. To me literally being able to say"fine pass" or even"nice defense" goes a long way. Exactly, they could either do that with voice commands that are basic or else they can do it the way rocket league does itwith the pad. This makes a lively, personal relationship with your teammates in a way that the cutscenes simply can't accomplish. A jerk teammates should be able to ask trades from you while being fine encourages teammates to remain with the team by taking paycuts if you are always.

Can't agree more. My first construct for every 2K I try to have as much of a career so I usually play with 2-3 seasons and having the ability to socialize with players more or having a real story would be a dream. Building friendships and rivalries with whoever you want and having the ability to begin a fight, becoming ejected or visiting somebody go nuts would be so enjoyable. Of 75/25/15 every game with Shaq congratulating me in my double double.

Ive always believed you should have more connections with your teammates. Fantastic idea. That is sorta in NBA 2K21 already but it's arbitrary. For example following a teammate makes a shot an and one if you walk or run them up it plays an animation occasionally randomly. The immersion is actually brought by it to a different level. I would love if we could help up teammates I do not think I have ever seen that happen. I have been helped up by opposing players before after they filthy me never a teammate.How about not allowing the nephew invest money on VC?

My kid has these matches, but no online account and no cash. We save his money for him, and if he would like to spend, we get it done for him if we approve (and occasionally we approve stupid shit like the umpteenth stuffed animal he will never look at again, yes, just so he learns to recognise stupid buys as well). In addition, I don't purchase VC, I grind it out. So I set the case of doing it with no money on the way. Have to confess I do regularly but the legend or deluxe variant that includes a package of VC, to get to this 70 place where you can actually play at the NBa NBA 2K21 games with a few builds. You can make that start money last, if you look after your VC.

While I'd like to think about this option I do not think when I take that strategy, it would be fair for him he would have his mom do it. When it's money coming out of my pocket I will not buy it if he made the money and is just giving me the cash so I buy it for him personally (through Amazon gift card) then that is all on him. I actually plan on becoming 21 for grinding and myself out without buying any additional VC simply to see how hard it's to remain competitive without dropping tons of cash on NBA 2K21 and use that for instance when we play with together.if you even gets NBA 2K21. I shut them off Madden though since that game was just as becoming suspicious when I last played Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins with the 2018 game but I may have to do the same for 2k when it becomes too bad like last time.