This is partially why I made the change

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OSRS feels more like the actual runescape I enjoy playing than RS gold. I was max prior to archeology, half method into 120 thieving, and I made the conscience decision that I every ability from level 1 in OSRS than play RS3 and grind 1 99. I have also moved for similar reasons to OSRS lately from RS3. But one issue I have had with both games/communities is this idea that everyone wants to max or that maxing is somehow"the stage" of Runescape. Coming out of a Dungeons and Dragons history (which much of early RS was very much predicated on) I have never had a campaign in which our party made it beyond level 10.

Even with like 3 years of playing with the same character. Building a character and fleshing them out durning the levels is super rewarding and the impossibility of reaching the top echelons makes the world seem vast and incredible. I made so many characters that were distinct back in pre-eoc since I embraced the facet of the MMORPG. I would just set myself challenges or have a theme for the character. Nowit feels like everything is all about ending game content/maxing. Sure there should be a lot of end game content.

But it seems like that is all of the community is centered on. My main account is really a f2p in RS3 with a 99s plus a couple more not far off. I stopped Runescape for a period of about five years and returned. Pretty much everyone I knew has maxed and is currently only grinding virtual 120s/200m out. Or maxing on another/Ironman account. I'm really close to my goals of obtaining Magic, Prayer, and 99 Defence, along with my buddy who has maxed in f2p requested me which ability I went to work on next. I was like. There probably won't be a next. I am getting these 99s because they were youth dreams of mine or because I enjoy them. But I really don't put any value.

I am not planning to do something I hate like Fishing or OSRS Gold For Sale Woodcutting for hours just to see the numbers go up. I mean, if I had been a child with all the time on earth I might. However, in my adult life I want a bit more out of my precious time. I want something engaging, instead of afkable. I transferred to OSRS and made the ultimate Ironman. And I have put constraints and myself thematic challenges. And while I really could ultimately do the same thing I find that the equipment system of OSRS makes account assembles rewarding to playwith. And the community (especially YouTube content creators) is way more enthusiastic concerning this type of game play.