Crazy 21 weeks 6 roster update: 3 players worth upgrading

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The crazy Madden 21 Coins is known for not making the wisest decisions in identifying absolute losers. We've already talked about Derrick Henry and Budda Baker's disdain for their overall ratings. However, more players have joined Madden 21's unpopular list. Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings.

Jefferson was a rookie receiver at LSU. He scored 166 yards on nine catches and made two touchdowns against the Atlanta Falcons. In this year, he had 28 receptions for 537 yards and three touchdowns. His reception currently ranks him fifth in the NFL. But his Madden score is only 76.

EA Sports is usually very strict with novices and their overall ratings, which is fair because players have no chance to prove that they are big men. But after six weeks in the league, Jefferson proved to be one of the NFL's top buyers.

It seems that Madden's score adjuster agrees that Budda Baker needs to be upgraded. Facing the Dallas Cowboys, Baker became the first Arizona Cardinals player since 2003. He recorded sacks, forced falls and interceptions in a game. As long as you want to turn disadvantages into advantages in madden 21, Buy Madden 21 Coins are the best choice.

Derrick Henry continues to attack NFL defenders. Against the Houston Texans, he scored 22 baskets, passed 212 yards, and had two touchdowns.