Path Of Exile Currency Trading Guide

From the term ‘trade’ itself, it can be assumed that trading or exchanging something with currency from other players in the game.


The Path of Exile has taken its unique way in the trading system. On the one hand, they can enhance the character's equipment and modify it, but at the same time, they can also trade with other players. The more powerful and rarer this currency item is, the more it is desired and more valuable. Over the years, Exalted Orbs has become the standard currency.

What is the trading of PoE currency?

Currency is an item, used as a universal trading equivalent. For example, a player prefers using swords but found a good staff. He can trade the staff for some currency, then trade the currency for a good sword. Traditional Path of Exile currencies is Chaos orbs and Exalted orbs.

Pricing and selling of the items

The way the currency market keeps fluctuating is the same here as well. The price of the items in the game keeps going up and down. The regulating factors of the price are demand, supply, popularity, and updates. The dealing of preferred items is done over the trading chats, trading forums, and other Premium Stash Tabs.

Can you play without trading currency?

The designers of the game never intended to put restrictions on the players. Hence, they never made trading currency a compulsory feature. The trading option was inserted to give an oomph factor to the game. Rather there is an SSF or Solo Self Found league where the currency option is disabled, which has a separate leaderboard of its own.

To avail the best experience of the SSF league, it is recommended to focus on the build that doesn’t need many unique items. It is so because for gaining unique items, you will have to indulge yourself in trading currency. There are countless fascinating items through which you can have strong builds without trading.

How can you make the currency?

There are ample ways of making currency. The one-liner answer to the question would be that the more time you spend on the game, the more currency you can gain. Some common and basic actions that help to earn currency are:-

  • Across movements
  • Monster killings
  • Grabbing loot
  • Porting towards the map
  • Porting back from the map
  • Moving items in the stash
  • Trading with vendors
  • Trading with players

The crux is that how well and much you manage your actions in the game will decide how much currency you will pocket throughout the game. At the same time, you can also buy poe currency online, which can save you a lot of time.