Madden 21 makes player transactions fairer and easier to understand

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EA has released another update to the Madden NFL 21 franchise model, changing the way players trade, making them fairer and more realistic.

EA plans to release a new update for Madden NFL 21, which will solve another long-term problem in the franchise model and make player transactions easier to understand and more realistic. Since its launch last year, the latest version of the NFL SIM card has been well received by critics and fans. Some people even asked the NFL to abandon EA and let another company be responsible for the adaptation of the video game because of the lack of improvements in the series in recent years.

This is not the first update released by EA to improve the franchise model in Madden 21. After fan feedback and criticism, the developers made many major changes to the signature game mode. Many users think that the latest version not only does not improve the previous version, but also lacks important features. So far, EA has changed the logic of the QB draft to make the outline of the watchmaker more realistic and allow users to add X factor and Madden 21 Coins to its player.

The final update of Madden 21's franchise model began to be released today, and EA detailed how it will simplify the player transaction process and make it more fair to users. The main change comes from the player trading logic used in the game. Previously, the evaluation of stars would be based on the depth of their current team’s depth map. However, the changes to the system mean that they will make a valuable assessment based on the value of the team they will trade. Similar changes have also been made so that the value of the players also takes into account their suitability for the plan used by the team. All in all, EA stated that it hopes that these changes will make Madden 21 "based on years of changes in the understanding of "real" trading and closer to what we see in real life."

Those who want to try to Buy MUT 21 Coins for the first time may be lucky this week. Microsoft and EA announced a few days ago that "Madden 21" will enter Xbox Game Pass through EA Play from March 3. This sports simulation game will also be added to the "Star Wars" squadron and several other games in EA's rear catalog, and will debut with other Xbox games in the next few weeks.

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